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Property mortgage

Provide flexible and cost-effective property first mortgage, second mortgage and re-finance services. Property re-finance helps you adjust your existing mortgage plan to reduce the payment amount. Property second mortgage helps you obtain additional funds for flexible use at any time.

Car parking space mortgage

Designed for customers with car parking space, the repayment plan is extremely flexible, the application procedures are simple and no income proof is required. Quick approval and get fund, easily through car parking space mortgage to create more opportunities for your property mortgage

Home Ownership Scheme (“HOS”) loan

Designed for the convenience of HOS owners who do not need to provide a mortgage deed and borrow in the form of personal loan. HOS owners can obtain a large amount of loan to repay the loan of credit card in a lump sum or turnaround, and cash out quickly and easily.

Personal loan

The loan amount of the personal loan program can reach up to HK$300,000, which helps you to obtain funds easily and conveniently and achieve various plans! For various professionals such as doctors, lawyers, teachers etc., can also enjoy exclusive loan of up to HK$500,000 with more favorable interest rates.

Summary of personal loan product information:
1. The minimum and maximum repayment period is 6 months and 72 months respectively.
2. The annualized percentage rate ranging from as low as 18% to maximum 36%.

Reference example of personal loan related fees:
– Take the loan amount of HK$10,000 as an example
– 6-month installment loan, monthly repayment is HK$1,755
– Monthly flat rate: 0.885%
– Effective annual interest rate: 18%
– Total repayment amount: HK$10,530

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Personalized plan

One of the top three licensed money lenders in Hong Kong

Arrange to sign contract and withdraw fund within 24 hours

Focus on property loans, providing flexible support for different loan solutions

No handling fee or extra penalty interest is required to meet your flexible cash turnover needs

Online application, all data is encrypted and transmitted

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