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As one of the top three licensed money lenders in Hong Kong, we enjoy a formidable market position with a streamlined focus on property loans. By always being mindful about the needs of property owners, we provide a variety of highly flexible loan solutions. Founded in 2008, Global International Credit Limited (“GICL”) earned a successful listing on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited in 2014. Through its expertise, GICL provides a diversified portfolio of mortgage solutions that includes first mortgage loans, second mortgage, loans for properties under the Home Ownership Scheme (“HOS”) and mortgage loan transfers, all of which serve to deliver a capital lending platform for businesses of all types and people of all backgrounds.

Whether it is a private housing, residential building, tenement house, village house, villa, office building, industrial building, retail shop, a parking space or land, as long as you are the owner, you’ll be able to easily obtain cash. “More efficient! More professional! More caring!” is GICL’s commitment to service, which is championed by our team of experts. The GICL Group is backed by knowledgeable mortgage specialists who have many years of extensive experience in banking, finance and credit, and is notably led by former major executives of private banks. As such, GICL has a full understanding of the financing needs of clients everywhere, relying on its professional expertise to not only deliver the most favorable mortgage plans, but also approve loans with the most suitable repayment terms in the shortest time possible. Our goal is to provide the most convenient, highest quality and most professional loan and mortgage services available.

Professional Credit Loan Solutions

Every loan is considered a unique case with its own set of special circumstances. Service must be flexible enough to address each client’s specific requirements. With a “Clients First” principle, GICL emphasizes a one-on-one personal approach to service. From the commencement of a client’s loan application, the entire process is thoughtfully handled by a designated relationship manager. To better understand the needs of each client, GICL’s relationship managers will take time to listen to the clients, duly answering any inquiries that may arise, and provide a detail financial analysis along with a number of solutions for each client to choose from. And whenever a change is requested to either increase a loan amount or to adjust the repayment arrangements, the same relationship manager will be designated to ensure the proposed solution best addresses the financial needs of the client.

As a pioneer in the industry, GICL believes that getting access to information in the fast-moving mortgage market is absolutely essential. With our sights closely tracking the market, we provide clients with property appraisal services and an assortment of loan programs. In addition, we continue to introduce a range of customized mortgage products that are catered to the market and suited to our clients.

Our Service

One-to-one Service

GICL is customer-oriented and guarantees clients the most quality mortgage services. We assign designated relationship manager to each client on one-to-one basis. Our mortgage specialists dedicate to understand each client’s financial needs, and will deliver a detail financial analysis so that we could design a professional proposal for our clients. Our relationship service managers will provide you with considerate experience. They will follow your case closely no matter it is a request of loan top up or change in repayment method. We promise professional, reliable and flexible services.

Professional Information

Being the leading company of the property mortgage industry, GICL offers the latest market information of mortgages, property valuation and up-to-date service for clients. We also provide innovative services to meet market and our client’s needs.

Professional Advice

Our service team answers client’s inquiries in patience, and considers your needs and urgency. You will experience our service in ease.

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Caring Company 2010-2020

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