1) Why choose Global International Credit Group Limited?

Global International Credit Group Limited is a listed company on the main board of Hong Kong, which subjects to strict supervision, with a high transparency of the company background, provides a variety of flexible repayment plans, fast approval to meet the needs of customers.

2) Do retired or self-employed persons accept mortgage loan applications?

Applications are accepted by any person including retired person, housewife or self-employed person.

3) Do I need income proof for applying a loan

No income proof is required for either first mortgage/second mortgage/ loans for properties under the Home Ownership Scheme (“HOS”).

4) Do I need to pay any fees for a mortgage loan?

There is no handling fee, legal fee and valuation fee for a mortgage loan.

5) Do I need to pay any fees during loan application?

There is no fee to be paid during the loan application period and Global International Credit Group Limited provides free valuation, regardless of whether the customer’s loan is rejected or cancelled or not, there is no fee to be paid.

6) How long does it take to approve the loan?

Same-day approval, the loan can be obtained as soon as the second working day.

7) If it is a jointly-owned property, is it acceptable for one of the owners to apply for a mortgage?

If you have more than 1/2 of the title, you can apply for a mortgage loan.

8) Do Non-Hong Kong permanent residents accept mortgage applications?

Any person who only needs to hold a property in Hong Kong can accept a mortgage loan application.

9) If the property is held in the name of the company, can I accept a mortgage application?

Yes, the property is held by a Hong Kong company or an overseas company are accepted for application.

10) Can I sell the property during the mortgage period?

The owner is free to sell the mortgaged property at any time without prior consent from Global International Credit Group Limited.

11) Does holding a deed of gift property accept a mortgage application?

Under normal circumstances, if the deed of gift is given more than 5 years also accept the application.

12) Are the mortgage formalities handled by the law firm?

Global International Credit Group Limited entrusts a large-scale law firm in Central to handle mortgage loans to ensure the customers receive reliable mortgage services.

13) What kinds of property types are accepted for application?

Applications are accepted for private residential, Chinese house, village houses, industrial and commercial buildings, shops, car parking spaces, land for housing, etc.

14) What is the difference between repay net interest and repay principal & interest?

Repay net interest means that only interest on the principal is paid per month and repay the principal amount at loan maturity. Repay principal & interest means that the monthly installment includes the principal, similar as the bank’s mortgage loan.

15) Can the loan be withdrawn separately?

Customers can choose to withdraw the loan separately and Global International Credit Group Limited provides a revolving standby line of credit.

16) How is the mortgage loan / HOS owner loan application process?

You can fill in the application form on the Global International Credit Group Limited’s website/Whatsapp/Wechat / call the enquiry hotline, leave personal and property basic information, there will be a person to reply to the preliminary approval results later. If the customer accepts the terms, the customer submits the documents for formal application.